Intensive overall body toning with our Arasys machine.

Noticeable lifting and toning within the first treatment.

It will not affect body weight.

Gym-like results with none of the effort.

How Arasys works:

When you move muscles in your body, your brain first sends an electrical current to instruct them to move. Arasys simply bypass the brain and sends a current directly to the muscles instructing them to contract. The current however does not provide the energy for the muscles to fulfill the instruction, so the muscles use the fat stored immediately around them (i.e, excess energy) as fuel. This results in the burning up of fat and hence the inch loss. The waste products are flushed through the body, and as Arasys has a diuretic effect it is important to drink as much water as possible to encourage the body to dispel the waste.

The Arasys system pulses for 40 minutes to allow the muscles to take in oxygen and release waste. The muscle contractions are the same as reached through isometric exercise and help drain the lymph system as well as working on cellulite and muscle tone in the same way as exercise would. There are no cardiovascular effects, however, and as the intensity increases, you should be able to see the muscles contracting.