body sculpting treatments

All of the below body treatments increase circulation, metabolism and promote weight loss as well as Guaranteed Inch Loss. The Arasys system was created by Gerry Pollock, the inventor of the renowned pacemacker and is widely established in over 40 outlets, nationwide.

Intensive body contouring

Drop a dress size!
Combination of 2 courses including arasys inch loss and a choice of one other.
Special course price €500.00

Inch loss

Removal of fat and tones muscle. Guaranteed visible inch loss minimum 7 - 9 inches. Works on specific problem areas.
Course of 12 x 20 minute sessions €290.00
1 Treatment (Equivalent to 400 sit ups) €30.00

Instant inch blast

40 minutes €55.00

Lymphatic drainage/detox

Eliminating excess fluid, detoxing the body and re-establishing energy levels
Course of 10 x 25 minutes €350.00
1 Treatment €40.00

Cellulite reduction

Breaking down the fat deposits and improving skin tone using our anti-cell gel. Guaranteed visable reduction of cellulite
Course of 10 x 25 minutes €350.00
1 Treatment €40.00

Muscle toning

Intensive overall body toning
Course of 10 x 25 minutes €350.00
1 Treatment €35.00