beauty Care

Waxing treatments

Waxing is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the rate of hair growth. Tea tree and lavender wax is used in our temporary hair removal treatments for its antiseptic and soothing properties.
Eyebrow wax & tint & eyelash tint €25.00
Eyebrow wax €10.00
Lip wax €10.00
Chin wax €10.00
Half leg wax €20.00
Full leg wax €35.00
Shoulder wax €25.00
Underarms €15.00
Basic Bikini €20.00
Forearms €20.00

Specialised Waxing:

Chest wax €25.00 - €35.00
Chest and abdominal €50.00
Hollywood wax €45.00
Brazilian €35.00
Full back wax €50.00


SunFX Tanning application

Full range of beauty treatments available for both men and women. He-shi / Sun Fx & Crazy Angel. SunFX is the revolutionary Spray on Tanning System from Australia. SunFX meets the needs of today’s beauty, fashion and health conscious client who want to look their best at all times, achieving this goal within a minimum time, with maximum safety to their health and at an affordable price.

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