Aesthetic Procedures Laser & Skin

Aesthetic Procedures Laser & Skin are our main two specialities. We have the New Cynosure Elite Plus first of its kind in Ireland. Delivers powerful and guaranteed results. Cynosure Elite + Aesthetic workstation is a high powered ,dual wavelength ( Alex & Yag) system that delivers energy faster for faster results. The elite + s wavelengths are the gold standard for hair removal, facial and leg veins, epidermal pigmented lesions , and wrinkle reductions on all skin types.

We have experienced trained staff and have invested heavily in the latest medical aesthetic equipment enabling us to provides solutions to our clients rejuvenation needs.

Procedures include:
Medical microdermabrasion
Collagen remodelling
Botox and Filler treatments for lines and wrinkle removal
Laser treatments
Hair removal
Vascular treatments (red veins)
Photo rejuvenation(hyper pigmentation/sun damage)
Acne treatment

Medical microdermabrasion

This procedure is one of the most popular "skin rejuvenating" techniques, suitable for both men and women.

A highly controlled flow of medical grade crystals to remove dead skin cells, clear blocked pores, improve skin circulation and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The highly effective treatment provides instant results of smoother more radiant looking skin whilst the abrasion and vacuum suction stimulates the underlying epidermis to promote regeneration of collagen to improve resistance to the effects of ageing.

Single Treatment
Face and neck 45 mins. €130.00
Course of 5 treatments €550.00

Medical microdermabrsion & peel
Single treatment 1 hour €190.00
Course of 5 treatments €850.00

Medical microdermabrsion + IPL
Single treatment 1 hour €180.00
Course of 10 treatments €1500.00


Peels – glycolic/chemical or TCA

Peels represent a major advancement in the non invasive treatment of ageing skin, acne and unwanted pigmentation. These unique no-down time peels provide visible results without unsightly skin shedding and redness or irritation.

Agera medical peels
Single peel €110.00
Face and neck - 30 mins
Course of 6

Jan Marini glycolic peels
Single peel
Face and neck - 30 mins
(including take home skin care pack)
Course of 6 €650.00

TCA peels
A highly effective peel to smooth the texture of your facial skin. By removing damaged outer layers of the skin, collagen production is encouraged. This peel is administered by our qualified in-house nurse.


Collagen Remodelling

1 Treatment Micro + IPL (60 mins) €180.00
Course of 5 €750.00
Course of 10 €1,500.00

Filler treatments for lines and wrinkle removal

Arasys offer a wide range of facial fillers and injectables delivered by our in house medical practitioners. These scientifically enhanced medical treatments provide a non surgical solution to reducing fine lines, wrinkles, acne or other scars, remodelling of the lips and to enhance facial contours.
This specialist medical treatment will deliver excellent results with any of our non-animal based fillers, that are both safe and effective giving a natural rejuvenation effect that lasts for some months. After a personalised consultation and diagnosis our practitioner will prescribe the most suitable for you. The duration of a treatment can vary from twenty minutes to an hour.

Botox. (Botulinium toxin injections)
A Highly purified Botulinium Toxin Type A is injected with a tiny micro needle into the area to be treated. Botulinium Toxin works by relaxing the underlying muscles so that they do not contract. It is an effective way to treat wrinkles leading to a softer more rested appearance. More information on Botox here.

A safe and natural cosmetic dermal filler composed of non animal hyaluronic acid that works to restore volume and fullness to the skin for the correction of facial folds and wrinkles.

Restylene vital
Suitable for all skin types, Restylene Vital achieves an overall natural vitality. In essence it hydrates skin – keeping it firm, supple and youthful looking. Ideal for chest, hands and face.

Similar to Restylene but more suitable for deep lines and used in more mature skin.

Similar to one of the body's own natural substances (hyaluronic acid), Hydrafill simply supplements the body's age-depleted hyaluronic acid to plump-up the lip or to raise the skin and fill in the particular wrinkle being treated. Hydrafill gel is administered to the area being treated with an ultra fine needle.

New biotechnology which involves using the patients own tissues to treat lines, folds, wrinkles and acne scars. It is the only process that replenishes the skin with new vibrant living cells.


Laser treatments

Hair removal

Say goodbye to unwanted hair, shaving, waxing and plucking. Using the latest laser technology we can now offer safe, effective treatment for both men and women for hair removal.

Following a private consultation with our in-house fully qualified laser specialists the amount of treatments required along with price will be given. A skin sensitivity test patch is required before undergoing a course of treatments. Clients scheduled for laser should avoid electrolysis or waxing for 4-6 weeks prior to treatment.

As the treatment relies on absorption of light in the hair pigment, the visible light from the application is guided via a glass prism to the treatment area. Hair contains pigment (Melanin) that absorbs the light and converts it into heat. The heat is led through the hair into the hair follicle which is then destroyed and rendered unable to produce a new hair. The hand held applicator is slid over the entire area been treated at approx 2 second intervals thus ensuring little or no discomfort. A face treatment can take around 5 – 15 minutes while a full back or both legs can take an hour.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Lip/chin/neck/sides of face €550.00
Sides of face €300.00
Underarm €399.00
Basic Bikini €420.00
Brazilian €550.00
Hollywood €649.00
Half Leg €799.00
Full Leg €1,200.00
Full back or chest and stomach €1,800.00
Half arm €599.00
full arm €699.00

Vascular treatment (thread veins)

The visible light from the vascular applicator is guided via a glass bulb to the area been treated. Controlled strong pulses of filtered light are absorbed by the blood vessels. Blood contains haemoglobin that absorbs the light and converts it into heat and it is this heat that destroys the protein in the wall of the thread vein. As a result it will gradually and safely disappear.

Thread veins on all body sites can be treated. The most common treatments are for superficial veins in the facial, chest or leg areas.

The vascular system has pre-programmed settings to suit different skin colours. The number of treatments will depend on severity of thread veins and the body site.
A typical treatment takes from 10 – 20 minutes.
The amount of treatments required will be discussed with our in house laser specialist having a thorough consultation prior to undergoing any treatment.

Vascular Prices

Pricing starts at €60 per session/€120 session
Pricing examples
Nose €60.00
Full face €120.00
Cheeks €80.00
Legs €120.00
Cherry Angiomas €30.00
Spider Navi €30.00

Skin rejuvenation

The safe visible light from the application creates smoother looking texture on the skin and removing visible blood vessels and age spots. Redness and pigmentation will also be reduced. All areas of the body can be treated but the face is the most popular.
As treatment is based on the light absorption in melanin and in haemoglobin, treatmetns are most efficient in patients with light skin, who are not sun-tanned at the time of the treatment.The visible light used is completely safe and contains no UV. The Photo Rejuvenation applicator uses carefully filtered light of the correct types while the non-useful wavelengths are removed by the filters.

A consultation is required along with a test patch for this procedure also.

Skin Rejuvation Prices

Pricing starts at €60 per session/€160 session
Pricing examples
Nose and Cheeks €80.00
Full face €120.00
Chest €160.00

Pigmentation Prices

Pricing starts at €60 per session/€160 session
Pricing examples
Hands €80.00
Full face €120.00
Chest €160.00
Spot treating €30.00


Full face - Single session

Acne Treatment

One of the most popular and highly successful procedures for all ages and skin types is our Acne treatment.

Acne is caused by the body's increased production of the hormone androgen (produced by both men and women) which stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. The intense pulsed light system releases carefully filtered light that is emitted in a series of short pulses. The light destroys the bacteria that live on the skin and cause Acne and directly targets the over active sebaceous glands that cause outbreaks of pustules. This results in the shrinkage of the inflamed sebaceous glands thus preventing over production of excess sebum.

You may experience a warming sensation, but overall there is no discomfort experienced, apart from some redness on the face following a treatment. In order to establish the amount of treatments required a consultation will be necessary. With all our procedures a thorough consultation is required to identify your expectations and provide you with a complete explanation of the treatment process and outcome.

A medical history is taken to confirm suitability for treatment and if you wish to proceed a written informed consent is obtained. Prior to undergoing any treatment a test patch is performed which takes a few minutes. This patch test is to confirm that there will not be any skin reaction to the treatment.

Also some of our procedures work very well in conjunction with medical microdermobrasian. This information will be given during your consultation.

Using some of our skin care products may also be required during a course of treatments in particular an SPF to ensure excellent results and occasionally our doctor may prescribe a retinoid cream in conjunction with a particular course of treatments.